Welcome!   Q.E.D., Inc is your public safety technology partner providing high quality, reasonably priced, semi-customized software that meets your needs.

Learn what others already know…hundreds of public safety agencies depend on QED to provide the software that gets them to the emergency, provides tactical and strategic awareness, and helps them keep their citizens safe.  In addition, the Acuity software products record and track all information and reports keeping all cases organized.  All information captured in the system is available online at all times to keep officers on the street safe and put criminals behind bars.

Acuity software is fully multi-jurisdictional and multi-agency.  Comprehensive security keeps your data safe yet allowing authorized users appropriate access to needed information.

Promoting Social Responsibility

Because our company chooses to lease commercial real estate from Cummings Properties, our rent helps to support hundreds of worthy local causes. Cummings Foundation has awarded more than $200 million to Greater Boston nonprofits alone.

To learn more about Cummings Properties or the Cummings Foundation or to rent space for your business click on the links in the above paragraph.


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