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A BRIEF HISTORY… Queues Enforth Development (Q.E.D.), Inc. is a Woburn-based firm focusing on the creation and installation of public safety dispatching and record-keeping software. Q.E.D.’s corporate history dates to 1974. In 1990 the ENFORTH Corporation acquired Queues Limited to become Queues Enforth Development. In 2000, a group of employees purchased the company to better focus on our core business, public safety software development.

We are proud to have many dedicated, long-term customers and we strive to continually provide quality service to you.


News Release  – October 2023

22nd Century Technologies, Inc. Acquires Queues Enforth Development, Inc., Expanding Government Software Solutions Portfolio 

 22nd Century Technologies, Inc. (TSCTI) has acquired Queues Enforth Development, Inc. (QED), a distinguished provider of public safety software like Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management Systems (RMS). This acquisition, coming on the heels of a digital transformation initiative backed by Secretary Janet Yellen, bolsters TSCTI’s offerings across State, Local, and Federal government sectors and intensifies its push to merge innovative products with its established services. 

 “This acquisition is a strategic pivot towards building and growing a product-centric organization that complements our existing services,” said Anil Sharma, CEO of TSCTI. “With QED serving 340 public safety agencies, this acquisition enhances our newly-established product division. Our vision is to infuse cutting-edge technologies including generative AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics to revolutionize and enhance public safety software for our widespread governmental network, leading the path towards a safer and more secure future.” 

 Dave Varney, President of QED, highlighted the benefits of becoming part of TSCTI’s expansive network. “Joining TSCTI offers immediate opportunities for scaling and increased impact, capitalizing on their established relationships across the United States at both state and federal levels.” 

 Recent projections from Fact.MR forecast the U.S. CAD/RMS market to reach a valuation of $5.95 billion by 2032, underscoring the strategic importance of this acquisition. “This alliance signifies more than mere growth; it represents a paradigm shift in technological innovation for the public safety sector,” commented Varney. 

 In closing, Sharma underscored the company’s commitment to transformation: “We’re dedicated to crafting a modular platform tailored to the diverse needs of governments across the US. Harnessing our cutting-edge technologies and our esteemed engineering team, we will swiftly elevate QED, positioning it as an integral component of our enhanced public safety offerings.” 

 About 22nd Century Technologies, Inc. 

22nd Century Technologies, Inc. (TSCTI) is one of the fastest-growing public sector-focused companies headquartered in McLean, VA. With 6000+ employees nationwide and 400+ contracts, TSCTI is currently supporting many of the nation’s mission-critical programs in Digital Transformation, Cloud Migration, Application Modernization, IT Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, and Workforce Solutions. TSCTI’s product suite consists of IDPBot, ERPKick, CAD/RMS and biometric solutions. 


Our public safety staff is currently comprised of experienced and talented individuals with advanced degrees in computer science, operations research, engineering, systems analysis, and management. These staff members work in the areas of administration, operations, engineering, marketing, technical support, installation, and training.