About QED

A BRIEF HISTORY… Queues Enforth Development (Q.E.D.), Inc. is a Stoneham-based firm focusing on the creation and installation of public safety dispatching and record-keeping software. Q.E.D.’s corporate history dates to 1974. In 1990 the ENFORTH Corporation acquired Queues, Limited to become Queues Enforth Development. In 2000, a group of employees purchased the company to better focus on our core business, public safety software development.

We are proud to have many dedicated, long-term customers and we strive to continually provide quality service to you. We are also proud of our stability as a stand-alone company. We don’t need to charge high prices to pay venture capitalists high returns or to pay interest on bank loans. We are a conservatively managed company that will be with you for the long run and will focus on providing the highest quality of products we can. We have been serving public safety agencies for over 35 years.

Our public safety staff is currently comprised of experienced and talented individuals with advanced degrees in computer science, operations research, engineering, systems analysis, and management. These staff members work in the areas of administration, operations, engineering, marketing, technical support, installation, and training.