Computer-Aided Dispatch

  • Complete Multi-jurisdictional, Multi-agency dispatch
  • Next Generation 911 Interface
  • Automatic Vehicle Location
  • High Precision GIS Mapping
  • Mobile User Access
  • User-to-user Messaging
  • State and Federal CJIS Integration
  • Remote Dispatch
  • CAD Data Export to 3rd Party Applications
  • Multimedia Attachments to CAD Incidents
  • Instant “Received Call” Mapping
  • Information Sharing
  • Fully integrated with police and fire applications
  • Much more…

Mapping Applications

  • Comprehensive CAD Mapping displays incoming 911 calls, all active incidents and vehicle locations providing situational awareness for dispatchers and managers, hydrant locations and any other map layers desired
  • CrimeInfo Mapping provide statistical information displayed in various map configurations; pinned, hotspots, etc.

Law Enforcement Applications

  • Police Incident Reporting
  • Automatic NIBRS/UCR Reporting
  • Unlimited Multimedia Attachments
  • Unlimited Narrative w/spell check
  • Unlimited Supplemental Reports
  • Comprehensive Security Protects Confidential Reports
  • Integrated Online Booking System with Mugshots
  • Prosecution Management System
  • Detective Case Management System
  • Master Name Index
  • Citation Management System
  • Megan’s Law Records
  • Evidence and Property Management System with barcode technology
  • Statistical Reporting System with Mapping System
  • Much more…

Fire Suppression Applications

  • NFIRS Incident Reporting System
  • Company Run Reports
  • Equipment Inventory Management System
  • Automatic NFIRS to State Reporting
  • Fire Agency Document System
  • Fire Inspection Report Management System
  • Much more…

Personnel Management Applications

  • Personnel Information Management
  • Personnel Training Tracking System
  • Personnel Scheduling System
  • Computer-aided Training System
  • Much more…

Geobase Administration

  • Comprehensive Street Information
  • Accurate Intersection Information
  • Street Alias System
  • Common Place Information
  • Business Information
  • Fire Box Tracking
  • Sophisticated Response Plans
  • Unlimited Geo-locators
  • Much more…

System Administration

  • Full system security with multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency controls keeps your data safe
  • System admin has access to internals with diagnostic tools to monitor system operations
  • System admin can control the look and feel, optional settings and functionality of the system.