Acuity Computer-aided Dispatch

Acuity Map-Based Operations Systems

Acuity Mobile Systems


Acuity Police Records Management System

Acuity Fire Records Management System


Acuity Computer-Aided Dispatch System

  • Complete Multi-jurisdictional, Multi-agency dispatch
  • Next Generation 911 Interface
  • Automatic Vehicle Location
  • High Precision GIS Mapping
  • Mobile User Access
  • User-to-user Messaging
  • State and Federal CJIS Integration
  • Remote Dispatch
  • CAD Data Export to 3rd Party Applications
  • Multimedia Attachments to CAD Incidents
  • Instant “Received Call” Mapping
  • Information Sharing
  • Fully Integrated with Police and Fire Applications

Acuity Map-based Operations Management


CrimeInfo – is a powerful, flexible yet easy-to-use crime analysis system designed to empower law enforcement agencies with the tools to identify, predict and respond to patterns of incidents in the community.  CrimeInfo analyzes data created in the normal dispatch and report writing processes, providing up to the minute as well as historical analysis.  Click the button below for the product brochure which will give you more details.



Includes: CADMapper – E911Mapper – Vehicle Location Display

AcuityGIS is a comprehensive yet affordable emergency response tool for larger towns and mid-sized cities.  Designed by Queues Enforth Development and integrated within the Java-based series of Acuity Public Safety modules, AcuityGIS provides next generation accuracy in 911 call and incident mapping.

AcuityGIS offers a scalable, flexible solution that integrates three (3) types of public safety data on one map.


Acuity Mobile Systems


With Acuity DispatchAnywhere extending dispatch communication and information to the field is a priority.  Police and fire units can display call slips, optional maps, work tree, incident reports, CJIS queries and messaging. A user-definable quick access toolbar is available in addition to the desktop allowing access to all authorized police applications. DispatchAnywhere provides a live link between the unit, the dispatcher and the CAD system.


Private Cloud Mobile

Putting information literally in the hands of first responders is the goal of PC CAD Mobile.  The ability to access all CAD and RMS information on your tablet or smartphone make every person more efficient and knowledgeable.  This app will run on any Android, iOS, or Windows device.  The user interface is entirely web browser based, allowing access while keeping your data safe.

Acuity CAD Mobile

State CJIS Interface

Acuity’s State CJIS interface accepts all requests from users for NCIC checks, Driver’s License Checks, Registration Queries and all other requests from state systems.  State queries are automatically run on motor vehicle stops no longer requiring the dispatcher to enter the query into the state system.  All returns are sent directly back to the DispatchAnywhere mobile terminal.  Returns can also be automatically attached to CAD incidents and then flow automatically to your police report.


Acuity Police Records Management Systems

  • Police Incident Reporting
  • Automatic NIBRS/UCR Reporting
  • Unlimited Multimedia Attachments
  • Unlimited Narrative w/spell check
  • Unlimited Supplemental Reports
  • Comprehensive Security Protects Confidential Reports
  • Integrated Online Booking System with Mugshot
  • Prosecution Management System
  • Detective Case Management System
  • Master Name Index
  • Citation Management System
  • Megan’s Law Records
  • Evidence and Property Management System with barcode technology
  • Statistical Reporting System with Mapping Display
  • Much more…

Acuity Fire Records Management Systems

  • NFIRS Incident Reporting System
  • Company Run Reports
  • Equipment Inventory Management System
  • Automatic NFIRS to State Reporting
  • Fire Agency Document System
  • Fire Inspection Report Management System
  • Much more…